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9 1 to 78 kg … my weightloss and diabetes restriction-

Those who want to lose weight by classical and who want classical methods to get relief from diabetes will surely be able to read it completely.

Seeing photos of different corners drawn in Diwali in 2017 clearly shows that your weight has increased greatly. When the actual weight was seen, the thorn had crossed 9 1. By that time I had felt myself fit. For the last seven to eight years I have been taking care of my life so I have to stay fit all my life. In 2010, I had stopped sugar tea (even if we did not have diabetes), we do not do very hoteling, all the vegetarians in the house, and even the dung in the house should be only for the saanjara. A celebrity dietician ate five to six times a day, as described in their book. Since the work from home was a business, the diet was strictly observed. At least four times a week, I used to do the morning walk, occasional sun-worshiping exercise. There were no complaints about health. Since my height was 175 cm, my ideal weight should have been 75 kg, but I was restless because it was sixteen kg more. All of them did not understand how much weight was increased by following the Yama Rule. Anyway, I quickly went on thinking that we should lose weight. Crash diets, etc., decrease muscle and water in the body, fat does not burn, and so many places listen to it, so we decided to start the exercising exercise, which means that it is not your passage.

By keeping a meal, I would eat six times a day and start walking in the evening. There is a four kilometer jogging track on the side of the canal on Sinhagad Road in Pune. It started moving around. As soon as I got used to running, I started swimming eight to ten kilometers in two hours. In a mobile phone, Google Fit is an app called. In it, how many runs, how many steps were taken, how many calories burned, and how much speed was recorded?

This routine started smoothly for two months. Weighing less than three kilos in two months. Six times eating and eating eight to ten kilometers is the key to losing weight. There was a cold winter day, when there was an appetite on a whirl. The enthusiasm grew yet. But within a few days, I felt that both of my knees are grumpy, especially when I got up on my right knee. After four days of rest, he started walking again. Then the pain increased very much. We started walking again with weekdays. In the next two days, knee-jerk increased. Confirm that something is wrong with math Now you have to rest for a month and stop walking to decide what to do next. Eating starts with the usual method.

Weight re-weight in January left the weight thorn stopped at ninth. This means that the weight of this month was two kilos. The effort made by blood water for two months was wasted. Frustrated Just a few but still the stomach belly and the increased weight were laughing.
In order to find a way to lose weight, to find a different way to find a scientific way, the search was started on the Internet. Many experts were saying a lot in different ways. The teacher was more and more grateful.
A hobby of watching this video on Youtube Someone suggested LCHF (low carb high fat) diet, someone was hyper, and someone was advised of a complete non-vegetarian kitogenic diet. Someone was saying that Jim would do a workout, some would say. There was a mess in the mind. I am so disappointed that you can not get anything in this.

While searching on Youtube, Dr. A Marathi video of Jagannath Dikshit came in front. But he was scared to be two and a half hours long. The video watched the big number of viewers and the comments on it, and decided to watch the video. Before that Dr. When he searched for Jagannath Dixit, he realized that he was an MBBS MD and was teaching in government medical college for twenty-seven years. At present, he is the Head of the department of government medical college in Latur (HOD). He has done research on obesity prevention and diabetes prevention, and many of his manuscripts have been published. This research has been done by documenting and analyzing thousands of people in Aurangabad and Latur. Seeing this, there was a lot of interest in his lecture. He listened to the rest of the rest of the rest and heard the lecture two and a half hours long, recited it again. (Its link is given below)

The listener was very new. His theory was to overthrow my popular belief in obesity prevention. Those lectures, which say, five to six times a little bit, have been eating well in the market and other food plans like Breakfast Liky a King and my beliefs about dietary habits are wacky and non-existent. She had all the information that she could not believe. But the person saying was an expert, was researching on that subject, in the twenty-seventh year in government institutions, thousands of doctors were preparing. He started his research on obesity prevention and diabetes prevention and went to the websites of those organizations. Their Facebook page was first, the success stories of the people from Pune-Mumbai to Moje Khurd-Budruk. All this turn around Dr. Dikshit also understood that there is no interest of one rupee. Seeing all this, there was a need to believe.

Dr. Dr. Jagannath Dixit is what he is saying today, first in India, in 1997, Dr. Srikant Jichar was presented. In order to promote this idea, he started ‘Nagpur Fitness Movement’ and ‘Pune Fitness Movement’. In those days, there was no facility of social media like this today and unfortunately Dr. Due to the accident, the movement stopped there. Tired of many ways to reduce the increased weight of his own. Dixit said Dr. By way of course, we reduced the weight, corrected it and brought the movement forward again. Dr. Conduct is itself MBBS, MD, IAS, IPS. The record for holding the highest position in India is still on his name. Dr. Worship and Dr. Dikshit decided that the legends presented by the legend are classical as well. (The lecture given by Dr. Jichkar to Dr Dikshit is inspired by the lecture which is here on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-kw3hGUwW4

From 9th February 2018 I am Dr. Dixit started his diet. After three months, we weighed on May 9, 2018, when it was 80 kg from 90, now it is 78 kg. My target is 75 kg. It will be easily achieved in the next half and a half months. Of course, I did not spend any money on all this, nor did anyone have a consultant. The opposite signs of weight loss are not on the body or there is no change in diet. This is exactly what has previously been eaten, by changing the order, method of change.

Now Dr. Let’s see what is called Jagannath Dixit-

1) Increase the weight of oil and ghee, sugar quantity? Why was diabetes?
Weight gain and diabetes are two sides of the same coin. The reason for both ‘carbo-insulin connections’ is the reason. It looks a little bulky by reading it but practice how it works.

Increased weight is the excess fat stored in the body. If this fat does not come from outside, then we are prepared from the food we eat. Even if we eat foods of different types of different types, they are converted into three substances after digestion.

1: Blood Glucose (Blood Sugar) is prepared from cloves, wheat, rice, and pulses. This glucose is used as energy to run the body. (Nearly 70 to 85 percent of all pulses are sophisticated, remaining proteins and other components)

2: Amino acids are prepared from the protein. Amano acids are used to cure muscle tissue and to create new muscles.

3: Fatty acids are made from lipids. It is used for the preparation of lubrication and cell lining, preparation of hormones. The oil is not converted into any cholesterol by any of the vegetarian food.

The quantity of powdered substances in the diet of Indian, especially vegetarians is very large. That is, eating a lot of stomach and making a blood sugar too much. Blood sugar is the major source of energy for the body. This sugar in blood is done with the help of insulin to give every cell as fuel. Used for immovable, involuntary action, and other variables such as respiratory circulation, circulation, digestive functioning, brain function, etc. for 24 hours in the body (walking, walking, housekeeping, exercise etc.) used as blood sugar fuels. Since the quantity of sophisticated foods in the Indian people is very high, we produce a lot of blood sugar. Since the absence of exercise, this whole blood is not used in living life style. It is necessary to remove the remaining sugar from the blood immediately after it is removed. Normally blood sugar is expected to be 90 to 100 mg / dl (milligram per density). Even if the sugar level is higher (high blood sugar) or less (low blood sugar) it is still dangerous. Therefore, insulin removes excess sugar in the blood and transfers it in the first glycogen and later into fat and stored in the body. When you eat something again, it becomes blood sugar again, unused sugar is again stored as fat. In this way, we grow like a lunar lunar lunge, then soon the full moon expands, the moon appears on the stomach and you know that we are thick.

Insulin plays a very important role in all this process. Insulin is a saving hormone. Its main task is to restore energy to the cells as a sugar and to store energy energy as fat.

Now I had understood how I was going to eat a little, five or six times a day, and at least two times a week.

Now let’s see why the insulin is back due to diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is applicable for type 2 diabetes, type-2 diabetes is a life-threatening disease, when it comes to aging, when it comes to aging, it is known that we have diabetes, Type II diabetes, on the contrary, diabetes with childhood is type- 1. The next description is for type 2 beef.)Insulin lays in the body in two ways. The first is baseline secretion. This discharge starts in twenty-four hours in a subtle form. This discharge is necessary to stay alive. He does not have to stop, reduce, grow up.

Another way of stimulating the insulin is to insulin which will end after consuming anything. If you eat something, then after sure, it will be sugar. This is to manage the sugar

Insulin’s work. It is, therefore, the natural reaction of the intake of the insulin. The more often the food you eat, the more often the insulin will be released. Insulin’s discharge depends on how much you eat, how much depends on whether or not it depends on ‘how often you eat’. A biscuit, a half cup of tea or a mangal piece with two grapes or two grapes for the taste of the fruit gives the same insulin parasite as much as Amrakhand, Amars puri or Survival, after the intense meal. This person has something to eat. The message goes to the brain that the brain releases insulin blood. You are going to drink two cups of tea, you are going to eat a biscuit, or you are going to get rid of it with a horizontal hand, you do not know about it, because it does not know the brain, so it gets rid of its insulin extract. Insurid once stirred and after three and a half minutes even after eating, it is again stirred. This means that the bicycle for insulin litter is fifty-five minutes. Everybody should know how often you eat what you eat in the cup of sweet tea taken from the first tea at night, when you wake up at night. Know how often your insulin carries in your blood. It is vegetarian, tea, Even the retailer who does not say food is also the same as the insulin trader And passes. When I took my review, I realized that you were managing to insulin for at least eight to ten times a day. The increased amount of insulin blood is not accepted by any body of the body. They do not like them. Increased insulin causes obstructions in the mechanisms of the body. There is a scuffle between insulin and body mechanism. As a protest against the attack of insulin, this system calls for non-cooperation movement. They do not carry out their own tasks properly and also create obstacles in the work of insulin. This condition is called ‘Insulin Resistance’ in the medical definition. In short, insulin can be said to be the father of dissatisfaction in the body. Here, we are carrying out the work of eating food frequently, so the insulin becomes stressful. This makes the situation worse. Since the body’s resistance to insulin is not started, blood cells are not present in the cells, due to frequent eating, the insulin jams are extinguished, but insulin production has to be done in the blood due to the jam. That’s what we call diabetes. The stained sugar is stored in the form of fat as fat as insulin. Fat is stored in the body as fat but blood cells are not able to be used because blood cells are malnourished. It causes fatigue in the diabetic. At the last stage of medicines, the patient is given insulin outside and the purpose of this is to remove the insulin given by the body of the resistence board, and intrude into the sugar cells in some part. But this principle of the body constitutes the increase of resistances. , Insulin to resist it This bad cycle continues in the same way as the cure, the condition of the patient will be very positive. Insulin and intravenous insulin are increasing in the body and other complications increase. I felt that diabetes was due to the decrease in the intake of alcohol in the body, but the reason is the opposite, due to the increase in the number of insulin, diabetes occurs due to exaggeration. Increased insulin-only diabetes It does not matter if it does not cause blood It acts as a trigger for cholesterol increase, heart attack, hormonal imbalance, and cancer. It has become clear that in reality and diabetes, insulin is invisible and causes direct eating. It is the only way to control the intake of insulin while controlling the granularity and diabetes, to reverse this cycle. Insulin salivation is a natural response from your body to your eating. Therefore, if you want to control the frequent percolation of insulin, instead of eating a little more than twice a day, it is to be divided twice a day, ie to eat twice a day, if you want these meals, fruits and milk, to finish it within fifty minutes. In these two meals, there is no need to take any kind of snacks, sugar, fruits, dried fruits and milk. There is a dietary scheme. This is the diet plan and the exercise of 45 minutes of exercise. Dixit is a weightloss plan. Eat twice and reduce weight? By classical method of weight loss is to burn excess fat. If the body fat is to be used for exercise or any natural way, then the amount of insulin in the body must be at the normal level. After the insulin level is high and any amount of exercise, blood sugar will be invented in the beginning, and after finishing, glycogen (sugar syrup) in the liver will be used for energy. Even after an hour of exercising, it will be used as a fuel for the above-mentioned ingredients. Fat will not work. At the same time, if there is high insurability in the body then there is an appetite for exercise. Because the blood sugar and blood glucagon in the liver have ended, the energy is rusty. To fill this gap, insulin demands food for energy, so after exercise you have to get hungry. After eating it, make sugar in the blood againThe remaining sugar is stored back in the form of fat due to heavy consumption. That is to say that the body fat does not decrease at all. So the important part of this method is starting up here. Insulin is a savings hormone, its job is to preserve fat. Fat can not be spent as fuel in its presence. To burn fat, the hormone acting against the insulin needs to be absorbed in the body. It is called ‘glucagon’ but the fact is that because both of them are working against insulin and glucagon, they can not be operating in the body at the same time. The glucagon pusher occurs only when the body has insulin levels (the baseline). Insulin is spoiled due to something to eat, so you control the time of feeding (as per the scheme of Dr. Dikshit twice in twenty four hours) and insulin will be leaked twice in twenty four hours. There is no work done for the insulin that the food is cooked and the sugar is managed. This will reduce the level of insulin gradually to the baseline. After the cells have finished working by insulin and after finishing it, there will be a shortage of energy in the body. Even if you have not eaten anything and because of this there is no insulin excretion, the effect of glucagon on the body will increase. Glucagon acts against insulin. Glucagon transfers the fat stored in the body back into sugar and releases this sugar in blood. The body gets the energy needed by the sugar and the body functions smoothly. That is, due to the effects of glucagon in the condition of eating food that results in digestion in the body, there is no account. The conversion of glucagon fat into sugar makes the level of blood sugar normal, the energy needed by the body is obtained from sugar. So there is no fatigue, no dizziness, no irritation at all. The systems in the body start functioning smoothly on this energy. Due to the need of body energy, there will not be any untoward hunger as there is no reason why the body does not have to depend on food for energy. Fat has been reduced because of the fat used for energy, and natural weight loss happens. I ate at 12 o’clock then at eight in the night. (Eight Hour’s Eating Window) takes nothing from eight in the night to 12 noon on the next day. (Sixteen hour fasting window) Sugar is exhausted in the supper by seven hours. I do exercise from eight to nine in the morning. For this exercise and from seven to twelve oats, the energy needed to run the body comes from glucagon fat. That is, fat is oxidized. Since the energy required for the body is not demanded from the body, it does not lead to hunger. Due to eating twice a day, it is not possible to have piles due to empty stomach? If there is a habit of eating frequently and the stomach remains empty, then the amount of acid left in the stomach causes pitta. Due to eating twice, extra digestive acids are not excreted, so do not get acidified. Will the chicken tolerate? I used to think that I did not want to eat twice and do not take anything in two meals. We used to think that we were not able to do this. But being determined to lose weight, let’s try for a week, if I do not get together I will start this diet plan with the thought of giving up. Initially, there should be huge appetite until the insulin level becomes normal. In such a situation, to take a thin stomach at home, a couple of pieces of tomatoes, green or black tea, Due to the permission given by Dikshit, there is not much trouble. After five to six days, a new method was tested by the body (the insulin levels decreased and the work of glucagon started), after which food cravings were stopped. I ate at 12 o’clock in the afternoon and at eight o’clock at night. Tea does not take tea in the morning, at five o’clock black tea / without sugar. How will diabetes be controlled? Due to having diabetes twice a day the insulin resistance in the body decreases and decreases, due to decreasing the level of insulin, the dispute between the body and the insulin begins to come to an end. The body has to respond to the insulin. Diabetes is prevented due to proper management of blood sugar, diabetes gradually gets sick. Hundreds of examples of diabetes prevention Dixit has On their Facebook page, the names of the beneficiaries and their experience are given with the mobile number https://www.facebook.com/weightlosseffortlessly– Those who have diabetes have two reports of HbA1c and fasting insuline, Send Dikshit to With the help of their advice, start the next meal plan. Do not start interactive feed. What is Dikshit’s fees? Where do they meet? Jagannath Dixit has started a public campaign “Obesity and Diabetes Free India”. They do not have a dispensary anywhere or they are not connected to any hospitals. They offer free advice through whatsapp You have their lectures on youtube, seeing that, you need to take care of yourself with proper information. In Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad and other places, sixty volunteers in the campaign will guide and help. Dr. Veda Nalawade, Dr. Sangeeta Pundit, Deepak Kulkarni, guide the support team members through whatsapp. Dr. Dixit totaled 127 whatsaPowered by pp groups, thousands of people from 27 countries will be guided to control obesity and diabetes. There is no dearth of rupee in this entire campaign. Some of our family, success stories: I myself have reduced more than ten kilos of fat in four months. Enthusiasm, inspiration has increased. The knee-jerk disappeared due to weight loss. The stomach, face, thighs, fat in this area has gone away. The cheeks did not muffle. Increasing the effect of glucagon increases the amount of anti ageing / growth hormones in the body. There is natural shine on the face. So the age goes back five years. Seeing my experience, Vaishnavi Vaishnavi Kulkarni reduced the weight of four kilos in two months. She has achieved her ideal weight now. Vaishnavi’s sister Madhuri Deshpande and her host have also reduced weight significantly in a month. I can not give their exact figures here because they are not available at the moment. My brother Shrikant Srikant Nitalikar has been taking medicines for the past seven years. His average sugar was 200, now he is around 120. The dose of drugs has decreased by half. Shreekant’s wife Pragya Pradnya Nitalikar had diabetes for the last few months. Her average blood sugar was 150, she is now 9 5. In two months it is free from diabetes. It does not take any medicine for diabetes at present. The prognosis has been reduced to half of its drug for the last four years of thyroid. (Dr. Dikshit is insistent to continue the medication with the advice of local doctors) Shrikant and Pragya have established the Panvel Help Group and on June 10, Panvel relief group will start the treatment of Dr . Deekshita’s lectures were organized. He received a lot of response. My brother Suhaas Kulkarni, Suhaas Kulkarni reduced the weight of five kg in two months. Suhas continues to tour the country abroad. Still, he has achieved this success by following the diet plan as it has been done. How long will the Vitalos program continue? It is not a few days’ program but it is a lifestyle. Regularity and diet are the key to healthy longevity. Ayurveda, spiritual science, and modern research all offer it, after a few days the diet plan becomes so useless, its benefits seem to be clear that the old lifestyle has to be contrived. Dr. There are many experts from outside India who have said what Dikshit said. Dr. According to Jason Fung, a researcher in Canada, the treatment done on diabetes today is only done on diabetes mellitus. The only purpose of keeping sugar in control is to put it in front. Therefore, diabetes does not cure, complications and medication are increasing. Doctors do not tell the patients that the true cause of diabetes is the inhibition of insulin and it can be overcome due to lifestyle changes. Therefore, most of the patients do not know why I have diabetes. Padmashree Dr. B. M. Hegde believes that this is a common combination of healthcare industry and pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Eric Berg presents an expert in Howard University. Dr. Singh, who has been practicing diabetes for a long time, Vijayaraghavan is now treating diabetes free from controlled diet. Those who want to lose weight in classical way, all of them who want to prevent diabetes, please once Dr. You must read the lectures of the Deities, read success stories on Facebook page. If there is any doubt, then request the beneficiaries to make a phone call and then only after making a request for their opinion. Dr. Dikshit’s link below is given below. In that lecture, the mobile number is given for the contact.

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